YOU SHOULD REMEMBER with Dr. M. O Odubanjo

Matt 16:5-12

One of the challenges is that too often we forget what God has done; we worry about our present challenges but if we would remember the right things, if you would on purpose recall (bringing back to memory) the testimonies about what God has done before, anxiety will not rule and reign in your mind.

When you keep recalling the things God has done for you, they will stabilize you because every time something arises and you remember those things, you will not be moved.

The man who has hope is the man who recalls the right things to mind; the one who is orbit all of the time is the man who fixes his mind on the right things all of the time. He refuses to think about the challenge but keeps thinking about the victory God has seen him through.

You have a choice to listen to how things have gone wrong in people’s life or fix your mind on the great things God has done.

Psalm 103 – your ability to be happy and praising God also lies in your not forgetting what God has done.

If you remember what God has done, it will help you to believe him for more.


1.God has not become Weaker –meaning that whatever he can do then, he can do now. Num 11:23. Always remember because God’s ability remains the same.

2.God’s Disposition remains the same – he has the ability and he is also willing. Don’t think that you are wearing him out by believing him to see you through each and every time; God wants to do it again and again. Mal 3:6, Eph 3:20

3.When we remember and talk about it, we are prophesying it into existence what God will do.