Mark 10:17

It’s important that in church we teach strong lessons about money. It is such a central factor in our lives as human beings in general, it’s important that we have the right orientation about it, that we have the right relationship with money because like somebody once said, money is a very good servant but a very terrible master. When money is your master and it’s driving you, it will drive you crazy. It is good to have money but it’s not good for money to have you.



•Don’t layup treasures on earth where there is a lot of corruption that can wipe it out Matt 6:19-21

•Being careful about the love of money – it’s not about how much money you have that makes you begin to serve money but how worried you are.

•God because He is a better parent, wants us good things Matt 7:7-11

•When we work for God, God will pay us –Matt 10:7-10

•There is a way to give and definitely not be giving so that people can see that we are giving Matt 6:1-4

•The prophet’s offering Matt 10:40-42

•Obeying the laws of the land –there should be no argument on whether to pay tax as a Christian. Mark 12:13-17

•God loves the rich – Psalm 34:8

God doesn’t have a problem in being rich Psalm 34 –Success is more difficult to deal with that is why the preparation for success is very important. You need to have decided now what your life style would be before you become a billionaire.

Key Problems

•When you can’t begin to think beyond what your expected salary or income is, then you are trusting in riches; when you trust in riches you will begin to find that when you have a lot of money, you feel very confident about life; like nothing can happen.

Josh 1:8 Good success is what comes when you pay attention to God’s word.

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