STEPPING OUT OF THE BOAT – Rev. M Oladoyin Odubanjo

Leading text: Matt 14:22-33

God’s word can be simply taught and it can be simply caught by those who believe it.

This is a year of proof producers, people who will dare to step out of the boat and say to themselves, am tired of the ordinary.

How do you step out of your comfort zone to begin to do the impossible?

Peter dared to step out of the boat.

There is a huge difference between the man who makes it happen and the people that watch it happen. From haven made it happen once, it becomes easier the second time.


Many believers are comfortable staying in the boat.

In the boat is security

In the boat there is no risk

In the boat you might be saved but you have no stories of what the Lord is and what he can do as a personal experience.


1. Believe in God and what he can do more than you believe in the negatives and the diabolical things around you.

Matt 14:26- many people believe in the supernatural but from the devil and when it comes to God, they doubt. If you doubt God more than you believe the devil, you have a problem.

Train your mind and get to where you can see who God is and his ability insomuch that anything diabolical looks small to you and unimpressive.

2. There must be a desire to be like Jesus; live like Jesus lived -1Cor 12:31 You need to dare to do something -Matt 14:28

1Jn 2:6, Jn 14:12

The things of the spirit are not gotten simply because you wish so but because you have a strong desire for them- Matt 5:6, Isaiah 44:3

3. The desire is not enough – you need God’s word to act on. The word “Come” formed like a carpet that Peter walked on

Matt 14:29

You must dare to act on what God has said. Jn 2:5

4. Never be afraid of mistakes because God has your back

Prov 24:16 for though a righteous man falls seven times, he will rise again..

Matt 28:20.

The things of God are better felt than told.