You need to appropriately discern your breakthrough

2 Samuel 24:18- 25
David had been told to build an altar on the threshing floor of Araunah in order to appease the Lord and for the plague upon Israel to be stopped.  When he approached Araunah to ask for his land, he found Araunah to be this super generous person who would not only offer him the land FOC (free of charge) but also oxen to offer up as burnt offering also.  King David refused his generous offer because he would not offer unto the Lord burnt offerings that cost him nothing.  Instead of shouting, “Thank you, Jesus!” David refused Araunah’s generous offer.

Was King David being unreasonable? No, this story teaches the valuable lesson that there is a time to accept, and a time to refuse, a generous offer. Personally, I can think of a few situations where I may want to refuse a gift: If a gift would compromise my position, or take away my right to speak the truth, if it would make me become indebted to someone who, in return, may ask for a favour that I am not at liberty to grant etc.
There is a story about a pastor who had a customer forget a duffel bag in the shop where he did his secular work.  When he looked into the bag, there was a lot of Naira money.  He took the money and went straight to the bank to deposit the money in his own account. The pastor feared that if he reported the missing funds to the police, it may not be returned to the rightful owner. Moreover, he was convinced that this was his own breakthrough.  At the last Night Vigil in church, during the ministration, his pastor had pointedly said to him, “Expect your breakthrough, God has asked me to tell you that it is your turn to rejoice!”  Should you not report missing funds to the appropriate authorities? Should you make it your own?
The bottom-line question is this, “Should you welcome every “breakthrough?” Or do you need to be discerning? It would appear that there is a time to accept, and a time to refuse a so-called breakthrough. My prayer for you is that you would be able to discern the difference. It is not the breakthrough you are waiting for if you had to lie to get it, or if it is inappropriate in size or nature, and there is a likelihood that it could be from stolen funds.