Col 3:16 

Emphasis is “Let the word of God dwell (have its place/home) in you richly (In abundance)”

The truth of the matter is that whatever is in you in abundance will always show up.  As we like to say, when push comes to shove or when the rubber meets the road. Someday, sometime, somewhere, we will discover what you are filled with.



1.To know and understand God better- Isaiah 55:8-9 God’s ways are different from our ways.  If we indulge in his word, we will discover who God is and how he operates.

2.For spiritual growth – 1Pet 2:2 you will remain perpetually a baby if you do not indulge in God’s word. You can only grow spiritually to the level that you allow God’s word to have its place in your life.

3.To know ourselves – James 1:23 It reveals our darkest secret; it shows us the deepest inner recesses of our heart and even things that nobody else knows.

4.To renew our minds – Rom 12:1-2 to exchange the knowledge in our minds.

5.God’s word will deposit virtue or power inside of us – Luke 1:37

6.God’s word will rejoice your soul ¬– Jer 15:16 there is a supernatural life that takes you above the ordinary. God’s word has the capacity to cause rejoicing. Isaiah 26:3.

7.God’s word will give you faith – Rom 10:17 God’s word is the raw material for faith. He has given to everyone the measure of faith Rom 12:3 how do I begin to grow my faith? Where does more faith come from that makes it look like some people are giants of faith? It came from spending time in God’s word. God’s word will give rise to faith. Great faith comes from great word

8. To avoid being misled – One of the tragedies of this generation are believers who have access to God’s word more than ever has been but who don’t study it, so many people can still come and tell them anything. Act 17:10

9.God’s word will keep you away from sin- sin will keep you away from this book (the word of God) and this book will keep you away from sin. Psalm 17:4, Psalm 119:9

10.God’s word will keep you in health – Prov 4:20-22 if you indulge in God’s word enough, you will just find yourself shifting into health.  God’s word can be therapeutic (to heal somebody who is sick) but God’s word can also be prophylactic (to keep somebody in health and prevent them from getting sick). Indulge in God’s word and you life will get better; your start will get better.